About Us

You may be aware that we are the oldest and one of the largest manufacturers of plastic mailing and shipping envelopes in the country, but you may not be aware of the fact that we make dozens of different types of plastic envelopes for just about every type of industry.

The beauty of Plastic Envelopes is that you or your customer can design it and we can make it, even if the type of envelope never existed before. We can:

  • Print up to eight colors on two sides
  • Make an envelope from 2×3 to 30×60
  • Put on dual, triple, and quadruple sequential numbers with tear-off receipts
  • Make piggyback pouches
  • Create dual envelopes that can be separated
  • Apply permanent, re-closable, and Tamper-Evident peel and seal adhesive closures

Just about any company that ships anything including all the new internet e-commerce companies can save big time by using our plastic mailing and shipping envelopes.

These envelopes make fantastic door openers for your salesmen to get to the hard-to get-at buyers. You can save them big bucks if they are currently buying TYVEK envelopes or any other type of specialty envelope. There are also many other situations where we can replace corrugated or folding boxes.

Best of all, they are environmentally safe. Along with the increase in environmental awareness and concern has come the perception that plastic is “bad” and paper is “good.” In fact there are many ways in which plastic is environmentally superior to paper, and with your knowledge and understanding you can assist the mailer in choosing the right envelope. The facts are that it takes 5 times more energy to produce a paper envelope compared to plastic and 50 times more energy to recycle a paper envelope than plastic. Out Plastic Mailing Envelopes are clearly marked with the recycling logo to easily identify the type of plastic used in its manufacture to insure efficient recycling.

Let me help you learn more about “The Fantastic Plastic Envelope Company. ” A sales kit with product information, pricing and samples are yours for the asking. E-mail me at bob@PlasticEnvelopes.com or call at 800-657-2474. The call won’t cost you a penny. If you don’t call it could cost you a fortune.